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Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

What are the opening hours?

The Colegio Mayor is open 24 hours a day so there are no check-in and check-out times. From 00.00 h. the main doors are closed and the concierge can open and attend only to residents.

What do I have to bring to start living in the Residence?

In addition to bringing your personal and study belongings, you should bring a set of sheets for bed 90 200 cm., duvet, towels, clothes hangers, an adjustable lamp, iron, and cleaning utensils.

Can family or friends stay with me in my room?

No, the rooms are intended exclusively to accommodate people who have been admitted by the admissions and renewal process.

For your friends or family, you can book a short stay room. Check availability and prices.

Does the Residence Hall close during on-school periods such as summer, Christmas or Easter?

It may be closed during these periods, which will be communicated in due course.

Reservations & Admission

How do I apply?

Go to the reservation section and select your accommodation option.

You should take into account the admission bases where all the information related to the admissions of the course is detailed.

You can also review all of the admissions FAQs.

How long can I apply?

Until 26 June, inclusive. Applications may be accepted at a later date to form a waiting list in case of vacancies

Do I have to make a payment with the application?

No. The first admission results shall be communicated by e-mail from 1 July.

In this email, we will explain the steps to follow to make the final reservation of the place. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. However, the procedure to be followed is explained in clause 2 of the Rules of Admission.

What documentation do I need to formalise the application?
  1. Copy of ID, NIE, passport or identification document, on both sides and in date
  2. Recent passport-type photograph in jpg format.

  3. For undergraduate students, official accreditation of the Baccalaureate grade.

    For foreign students academic certificate of the last two years of Baccalaureate.

    For applicants for a Master’s, PhD or other studies this document will not be required. Only documents in Spanish or English will be accepted.

  4. In case of recognized disability, official accreditation of the type and degree of disability.

    Review FAQs to be clear how to attach all documentation.

Reservation regulations

Find here all the regulations related to reservations

Payments & Deposit

What is the deposit?

It is a security deposit that you have to pay when you confirm your application and that is returned two months after your final departure (if you fulfill your accommodation commitment). This deposit will deduct damages to your room and non-payments if any.

If the deposit is returned at the end of the stay, should I not pay the last month?

The deposit is a security deposit and does not pay any monthly payments.

What about the deposit if I leave the Residence Hall before the date I paid until?

In this case, you will lose the amount of the deposit.

Only if the General College Administration considers that the cause is force majeure, will it proceed its return.

How are monthly payments made?

Monthly payments for accommodation, food and other services contracted, will be made between day 1 and 5 of each month by direct debit in the bank account that you indicate when you make your application for admission.

How are payments made to confirm the place?

If you are admitted to the Residence Hall you must pay the deposit and an amount on account of the last monthly payment, by transfer or deposit in the bank account of the Residence Hall.

Is it billed per day or per month?

Billing and collection, whether for renewals or admissions for the entire course or a semester, will always be carried out for full months. They will only be carried out by days, at the beginning or end, of the course or semester, depending on the renewal/admission period requested.

If during the course you decide to leave the Residence Hall in breach of your requested stay commitment, you will be responsible for paying the entire month regardless of the day you leave.


What do I need to consider when managing my renewal?

In the renewal rules you will find all the necessary information when carrying out your renewal.

It’s also useful to check out all the frequently asked questions about renewals.

How long do I have to apply for renewal?

Until March 28, before 14:00 hours. See clause 1 of the Renewal Rules.

Where can I apply for my renewal?

You can request your renewal from the following link: Renewal request

Short stays

Can I stay in the Short Stay Residence?

Yes, residences can accommodate residents for short stays as long as there are free places, or the stay is within the holiday periods.

Is there a group accommodation option?

If you want to book accommodation for a group either to hold a sports event, a conference, a few days, summer courses, etc. contact us and we will send you a personalised offer.

How can I book for short stays?

You can manage your booking request from here

What is the price of short stays?

Each Residence Hall has its own rates for short stays, you can check the prices by clicking on the link of each Residence:

Gregorio Peces-Barba

Fernando de los Ríos

Fernando Abril Martorell


Can I hang pictures or posters in my room?

It is forbidden to hang posters or pictures on the walls or cupboards of your room.

Can you smoke in the Residence Hall?

Smoking is not allowed inside the building or in the rooms, based on compliance with Law 28/2005, of 26 December.

Is there any hazing?

No, hazing is prohibited by law and by the Residence Hall School rules. Hazing is grounds for expulsion.

Can we have pets in our rooms?

No, the Residence Hall does not accept animals. The exception is if a resident is blind and needs the help of a guide dog.

Can I remove any unused furniture from the room?

No. You will not be able to move furniture from the common areas or take them to your room.

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