What makes us different?

UC3M Residences

University is a key moment in your life, the last part of your formative stage and the one prior to the world of work, a departure from the comfort zone and incomparable personal growth.

That is why it is so important to choose the accommodation that will most contribute to enriching your University life.

The UC3M Residence Halls represent the best option if you are going to study at the Carlos III University of Madrid since our Residences are an essential part of the UC3M community and the best way to live a 360º university experience.

Consolidated experience

Our team has been managing the UC3M Residence Halls for more than 25 years. During all this time we have provided quality accommodation and an unforgettable coexistence experience to numerous generations of university students.

This experience has allowed us to improve our service. Listening to and studying all the needs of our residents for almost three decades has allowed us to optimize the quality of their stay and the value of their experience.

Our staff will be at your disposal to facilitate your life in the Residence and help you with all your needs, so that you can feel as comfortable as at home.

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We are UC3M

The UC3M Residences and the Carlos III University form a group, facilitating the integration of the resident within the university stage and enhancing their experience with a multitude of sports, cultural or personal development activities.

UC3M Residences are one more reason to choose Universidad Carlos III

Take advantage of all the benefits!

Prime location

Can you imagine living inside the campus of the Univerisdad Carlos III? Several of the UC3M Residences are located inside the university campus itself just minutes from the classrooms and other facilities of the University.

Make the most of your free time to enjoy yourself and avoid wasting it on commuting, endless traffic jams or crowded trains.

Our Residences enjoy a privileged location, not only facing the University itself, but they are also a few meters from train stations with a direct line to the centre of Madrid. You can get to the Sol station in just 20 minutes, opening up the immense range of possibilities that the capital offers you to discover at your own pace.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Conserjería 24h Fernando Abril Martorell

Flexibility and security

At the UC3M Residences we know the importance of finding a balance between these two issues to guarantee that the resident experience is 100% complete.

That’s why we have video surveillance cameras and electronic access to the facilities to ensure the safety of residents.

In addition, the 24-hour concierge service will solve any problem or request from the residents and facilitate access to the facilities 24 hours a day, providing the resident with the necessary flexibility to make their plans and enjoy themselves without worrying about schedules.

UC3M community

Coexistence in the residence will probably be one of the most relevant experiences in your life and one that you will remember the longest.

You will meet students from other degrees and from other regions and cultures who will enrich your points of view and make you grow as a person.

You will share experiences and diverse activities, you will create ties that will transcend your university stage and will extend to your professional life.

In short, it will be an experience that will allow you to get the most out of your university stage.

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Personal development

The cultural, sports and leisure activities of the UC3M Residence Halls represent a magnificent opportunity to make the most of your time as a resident.

For this, the residences have large common areas, as well as access to sports facilities and gyms in the residence itself or on the immediate campus.

Join the Residence’s sports teams and compete in the official university leagues. Take advantage of the wide variety of cultural events: theater or photography workshops, music rehearsals, debate groups or the poetry club. Attend lectures on current social and political issues.

Enjoy the visits we organize to museums, representative buildings in Madrid and its surroundings, cultural and entertainment events, or trips throughout Spain.

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